Friday, September 17, 2010

Immanuel's Veins -review

Immanuel’s Veins is a fiction novel by Ted Dekker set in 18th century Russia. The novel follows the tail of a warrior, Toma Nicolescu, and a family of three women he is sent to protect. Once at the estate of the Cantemir family, Toma realizes he is not there to protect against a normal enemy, but against a danger he has never encountered before. It is a novel of jealousy and love.

As far as independent novels go, Immanuel’s Veins was decent enough. As a Dekker novel, I was disappointed. It did not hold his normal thriller/suspense style, which left me more disappointed than I would have been if I was simply reading the novel by an author used to writing in the romance genre. The message I garnered from the story was inspiring, but my personal bias outweighed the otherwise intriguing story. Personally, I would recommend this book for people who are not die-hard Dekker fans, but I would not recommend it for Dekker fans who are looking for a classic Dekker read.

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