Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Angel Song -review

Angel Song, by Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman, is an inspirational romance novel about an agnostic, Anne Fletcher, based in South Carolina and New York. Anne Fletcher has returned to her hometown of Charleston to attend her little sister's graduation from college. Before the two ladies can attend the graduation, they are in a car wreck and Anne's little sister dies. Anne is left floundering in a community of Christians, encountered by a repeated song in her dreams, buffeted with a handsome neighbor, and a little boy that sees angels. Anne has to work through her sister's estate, and questioning her religious beliefs, while trying to keep her job back home.

Overall, I found the story rather interesting. While the main character is agnostic, the whole story was not obsessively centered around trying to get her to convert. It was subtle, and did not overwhelm the story. The overall message of the story succeeded at being inspirational, and the romance of the story did not drown out the rest of the plot. The little boy in the story was a particular treat to me. I really enjoyed his part in the story. The story was woven together well, and I would recommend others to read it if they enjoy inspirational romances.

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