Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love on Assignment -Review

Love on Assignment -by Cara Lynn James

This is a romance story about Charlotte Hale in the beginning of the 19th century. Charlotte Hale takes an undercover assignment as a reporter at a Professor Daniel Wilmoth's home to try and discover any sordid information about him that can be published in order to ruin his reputation. Charlotte takes a job as Daniel's governess for his two children so that she might spy on him, and while working for him she finds her faith in Christ growing and her feelings for Daniel blossoming into something romantic. As her feelings change, Charlotte finds herself presented with the dilemma of fulfilling her job and ruining Daniel or failing as an undercover reporter so that she might protect Daniel against her boss's unscrupulous scheming.

Over all, I was not a fan of the story. I felt as if the story dragged on at a lagging pace, and it made it less than enjoyable to read. The story may have better served as a novella instead of a novel, because all of the important bits of the story could have easily been condensed into one. If it had been a novella, I think I might have liked the story well enough.

That is, of course, except for the fatal flaw. As I expressed earlier, I am not a fan of romance novels where either the male or female character must become a stronger Christian in order for the romance to work out (the only novel I've ever read where this worked at all was Redeeming Love). I did not like that Charlotte went from a poor Christian to a good Christian for the sake of romance. I do not mind people being saved in books, but I think it should be done for some other purpose other than a successful romance.

I don't particularly enjoy giving bad reviews, because I realize it is very hard to write stories, so who am I to critique another person's labor of love? And so I will say that this book will probably be enjoyed by a great many people. I just happen to not be one of the people that enjoyed the book. Not my cup of tea, I suppose.

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