Monday, March 7, 2011

The Promise She Keeps -review

The Promise She Keeps by Erin Healy was a rather spectacular book. I have never read any of her collaborative works with Ted Dekker, but I can now understand why he might have wanted to work with her. Like Dekker, Healy can weave a tail of characters that come alive. She does not just write a story. She weaves a tapestry of brilliant intrigue and draws you into the lives of the characters that you feel connected to them.

The tale of the Promise She Keeps is the interwoven tale of three characters, Promise-a girl with a desire to sing, but living with a terminal illness-, Chase-an autistic man with an artistic hand-, and Porta-a woman who says she has sorceress powers. As Promise struggled with her illness, both Chase and Porta feel themselves drawn into Promises life. One with intentions to help Promise, and one with selfish intentions. As the three lives are twisted together, it seems someone’s life may be in danger of running out.

The story is certainly not a completely realistic tale, but the lesson to be learned in the story makes it worth it. I felt myself experiencing emotions of fear, anger, and joy while reading this story in a way very uncommon to me. Not often do I feel so entirely enraptured by a story. I would definitely recommend others read this book.

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