Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wolf of Tebron -review

Wolf of Tebron by CS Lakin
Book #1 in Gates of Heaven series

Joran lives on the outskirts of a small town with his wife. He has a special ability to telepathically communicate with animals. We soon discover Joran’s wife has been captured by the moon, and he must go on a perilous journey to find her. Along the way he encounters a wolf that feels compelled to continue on the journey with him as they search for Joran’s wife.

I cannot understand why it is that I found this story so boring to read, except perhaps that I was not at all drawn in by Joran’s character. If a character is going to basically travel by himself in a story, it should be a decidedly interesting character and not a boring one. Other reviews of this story give high praise for the story being a unique fantasy and masterfully woven allegory.

One thing that kept me reading (and not in a good way) was a desire to find out what Joran’s wife had done to him to make him so bitter. I have nothing against mysteries in stories, but only so far as the mystery serves some purpose to the story. If it is not a mystery novel, and it is something the main character already knows the answer to, but I don’t, it seems like a forced mystery. It becomes annoying at that point in time.

On a positive note, the story had an interesting and easily discernable storyline. The language of the story was very colorful, with nice imagery. There also seemed to be a nice allegorical theme placed in the storyline which is perhaps one reason so many find the story such a fascinating read.

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